Orbits - Out Now

1. Weightless (feat. AAA+)
2. Midnight

February 9th 2016,

After a string of acclaimed remixes, UK-based Dan Villalobos announces his debut digital release Orbits, a 2-track electronic project - the first in a series of original releases for 2016. Blending a contemporary sound with industrial accents, Orbits embraces Villalobos' sound of the past three years. An international effort, the project features a collaboration with singer-producer AAA+ from Adelaide, Australia. 

Orbits is a juxstaposing journey through minimal, industrial electronica, exploring natural cycles of light and darkness, beginnings and endings. 

Weightless (co-written with and featuring AAA+), brings a powerful message of hope and joy to the dance floor with determined vocals reaffirming the human desire for a brighter reality; our never ending quest to work side by side. 

With pulsating layers, Midnight weaves dark, mechanical undertones, setting the scene for an underground world, crescendoing into an uplifting experience, as we ready for the new day ahead.

Orbits is available now via Bandcamp.

Produced by Dan Villalobos
Mixed by Dan Villalobos
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Photography -  @dasha_cs