Producer's Toolbox: Artist's Spotlight (October 2014)

Producer's Toolbox: Artist's Spotlight (October 2014)

Each month, its Artist's Spotlight series highlights the success of its emerging producers and composers and I'm honoured to be featured this October.

'Breakdown' selected for Snake Alley Festival


Last year I worked on short film 'Breakdown', directed by Gary Glenn. Written by - and starring Christian Heath along co-star Laura Deam, the film was shot over two days in the Australian outback in Victoria. 'Breakdown', has just been accepted into the 2014 Snake Alley Festival of Film in Iowa, USA. The festival runs June 4th-7th. It's great news as it was one of the most enjoyable production I've been a part of. See the official poster for the film below. If you happen to stop by the festival, I hope you enjoy it!