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Maddison Wilson - This Time

I recently mixed Maddison Wilson's new acoustic single 'This Time', which was a lot of fun. The track is available from Bandcamp.

'This Time' was mastered by Andrew Edgson from Studio 301 and features guitars and background vocals by Nayomi Pattuwage (NMP Projects) and Isaac Bradbury. 

Cover Art: Gavin John Photography

Stream: Maddison Wilson - Birds (Dan Villalobos Remix)

The physical release of Maddison Wilson's latest single, Birds, will feature a remix I recently produced. You can stream & pre-order the physical copy below.

Photography by Ben Colson


“When I got the remix back from Dan I was blown away! I was captivated from beginning to end - the elements; the layers. It was clear that is was more than just a remix. He has included a handful of sound design elements and techniques, but they’re still dark and twisted, and emotive. I really wanted to give my audience something different, and I felt that releasing both versions was the best way for everyone to get the full 'Birds' experience.” - Maddison Wilson

Order CD single HERE

Birds Video HERE [Directed by Nayomi Pattuwage of NMP Projects]

Maddison Wilson announces 'Birds'

After an extremely successful launch for her single Higherearlier this year, Melbourne pop songstress Maddison Wilson has announced the release of her brand new single, Birds, set for October 30.


Birds is a strong piano-ballad, with a vulnerable, yet resilient vocal from Wilson. It has full intention to shatter your emotional shields, and expose your inner psyche for recovery. However, Birds does not present optimism, but movement. Offering the thought that we are not meant to stay hidden behind sadness, nor where we can only see “so far wide".

The physical release of Birds will feature a remix I recently produced, which I'm very much looking forward to sharing with the world. Stay tuned!

Pre-order 'Birds' (physical CD) HERE

Maddison Wilson - The Fight (update)

The full single is finally out NOW! Earlier this year, The Fight was released as a stand-alone song. Having made an impact on the Triple J Unearthed charts online, two new songs have been completed and added to the full release of the single: Shadow Light and White Light - both of which are spellbindingly good.

Grab yourself a digital copy through iTunes or the limited edition CD single from Maddison's official website. 


1. The Fight

2. Shadow Light

3. White Walls